Dincel Structural Wall Formwork

Dincel Structural Walling can be used in a wide range of different applications including, but not limited to, residential, education, aged care and warehouse.


Dincel Structural Walling allows floor and vertical elements to be built simultaneously, taking vertical elements off the critical construction path. In comparison to slabs with columns, the load-bearing wall solution allows simpler slabs with less concrete and less reinforcement. Dincel Structural Walling also eliminates wet weather delays and other service trades off the critical construction path.

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Performance Benefits

Dincel Structural Walling is a PVC based permanent formwork system. The lightweight modular panels easily click together using patented snap-lock joints before steel reinforcement is placed and the wall is filled with concrete.
Design and install to NZS 3101 and NZS 1170 can be achieved as verified by The University of Technology, Sydney. Dincel can be used for load-bearing and non-load-bearing concrete walls for above or below ground or water table applications including internal and external walls, shear walls, retaining walls, columns, facades, basements, lift shafts, stairwells, swimming pools, storage tanks, detention tanks, culverts, noise barriers and general landscaping walls and fences.

Earthquake testing from The University of Technology, Sydney, shows Dincel’s PVC encapsulation does not adversely affect the stiffness of the concrete wall and that Dincel walls can safely endure displacements caused by large lateral loads nearly twice that of conventional concrete structures.
The permanent PVC encapsulation along with the patented and independently tested watertight snap-lock joints of Dincel means for below ground and water table applications, it requires no additional waterproofing membrane to be applied to the wall when filled with ready mixed concrete. This also significantly increases the durability performance of the wall meaning less cement can be used in the concrete mix.

The flow, compaction, and density of the concrete is improved, and a continuous cement hydration process is achieved with the frictionless and impervious nature of the permanent PVC formwork. Problems such as honeycombing, segregation, concrete voids, leaking wall joints and dry shrinkage cracks are eliminated.
Dincel’s crack inducers can remove the need for both vertical expansion joints and horizontal crack control steel in walls as verified by the University of New South Wales.

Dincel is fully compliant with the NZBC for fire with testing showing the polymer skin will not melt away or contribute to the spread of fire or smoke. When filled with concrete, Dincel achieves an FRR rating of 240/240/240.
Along with an above industry standard FRR rating, Dincel walls also provides an effective barrier against noise providing STC 55 and therefore can be used for party/intertenancy walls.

Being phthalate free and consisting of heavy metal free stabilisers, Dincel walls can be used for potable water purposes and with minimal VOC emissions, can contribute to your project’s Greenstar rating.

Can be aesthetically finished with an acrylic render backed by leading suppliers, a mechanically fixed cladding system, painted, or simply left as is.
Available Dincel wall widths are 110mm, 155mm, 200mm profile, and 275mm.


Installation Benefits and Cost Savings

Requires only a 2 person team who can install up to 15m2 of Dincel wall every hour resulting in up to a 50% reduction in construction time
No requirement for tanking/waterproofing of external face significantly reduces the excavation required for basement walls and hence significant cost and time savings.

The use of scaffolding can be kept to a minimum if not eliminated.
Each panel can be carried by a single person (3m long panel weighs only 13kg) easily allowing construction on difficult to access or sloping sites.
Lightweight panels also significantly increase workers safety and reduces the safety measures required on site.

Lightweight panels mean there is no requirement for cranage to install Dincel.
Does not require skilled labour to assemble and one trade can install Dincel panels, steel reinforcement and pour the concrete meaning less trades onsite.
Dincel’s extremely strong PVC webbing allows high slump concrete to be poured in a single continuous pour up to 4.5 metres of vertical wall height without the need for additional bracing.