NBK Terracotta Cladding

TERRART® terracotta facades have opened up a completely new dimension in facade design and are appreciated by architects all over the world due to the numerous design possibilities. In addition, NBK’s ceramic facades offer outstanding building performance.


The NBK colour world is rich.
The spectrum ranges from white, sandy, yellow and taupe to grey tending colours and blue-tinted ceramics. On the other hand, there is an immeasurable spectrum of red tones up to brown and black tones. The entire colour spectrum can also be supplemented by refinement using textures. Engobes comprise a colour spectrum that is geared towards delicate colours and allows very special effects in the direction of pastel shades. Our reduction firing engobes give the surface a metallic character. Finally, the supreme discipline of finishing is the glaze, regardless of whether it is produced using the single or double firing process.

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TERRART Profiles

The TERRART® ventilated facade system is a patented development from the TERRART® range and is the most innovative of its kind in the world. This facade solution can be perfectly integrated into any classical and modern wall construction.

The system components are manufactured with the highest degree of dimensional and fitting accuracy. Façade solutions from NBK are ideal for all new Commercial and Multi-Residential Buildings and Re-clads.

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NBK Terracotta TERRART® is a ventilated curtain wall/rain-screen system whose exposed components are made exclusively from terracotta.
Proprietary facade solutions by NBK move water away from building envelopes, using a ventilated and pressure-equalised system. Natural chimney effects not only keep the building dry to reduce maintenance but also help save energy.

The system components are manufactured so as to maximise shape, accuracy and guarantee the best fit.
NBK facades solutions are ideal for new construction, over-cladding and recladding projects.
NBK Terracotta has the strongest compressive strength and the strongest break load in the industry

The low percentage of water absorption ensures that dirt does not penetrate the tile and make it look dirty
Low maintenance material with an inert material colour that will not fade with time
Outstanding colour consistency
Uses no sealants and is graffiti resistant
NBK Terracotta is a leading manufacturer with exacting production methods that produce large, extremely flat tiles
NBK Terracotta tiles contain recycled content that may qualify for LEEDS credit
Large tiles enable faster installation and lower labour costs
Colours: NBK's expertise in complex mixing techniques and traditional firing methods enable practically any colour and surface texture specification to exacting standards, setting a new benchmark in Terracotta façade design.
Surface finishes: Offering a wide range of profiles for surface design, from finest textures to strongly profiled structures, our line includes Natural, Polished, Textured, Peeled, Profiled, Engobe, Glazed. Curved surfaces cannot be polished. Other surfaces are available on request.

Warranty: Up to 15 years

Lead time: 12 weeks from order. Subject to factory capacity and shipping.

Sizes: up to 3000mm long x 800mm high

NBK Terracotta TERRART

NBK Terracotta Cladding

TERRART® is a suspended ventilated facade construction whose visible elements are exclusively made of terracotta. The self-developed facade solutions from NBK Ceramik ensure that no water reaches the building envelope through the assistance of a back-ventilated system with pressure compensation. In addition, the natural stack effect ensures that the building is not only dry to reduce maintenance, but also helps to save energy.