Stairnosings Curved Stairs AA125
(AA125CN, NZ Stock)

Tredsafe have re-engineered two of their most popular nosings to allow curved installation on site. These two part systems are both economical and easy to install and are available in 2.5m lengths.

Nosings (2)


Masterspec 6614JT
Colour Name Grey
Colour Number NS
Finish/Texture Natural Satin
Length 3.6m
Width 69.1mm
Weight 0.38kg/10cm2
Sales Unit LM
Water Resistant Yes
UV Stable Yes
Wheelchair Friendly Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Trim AA125
Nosing AA125
Tredsafe Insert Size 1 x 53mm
Tredsafe Interior Use Only False

In the Collection: Stairnosings Illuminated

The Tredsafe Illuminated stairnosing provides single or multicoloured lighting for dark spaces where the stair edge is not always visible.

Stairnosings Curved Stairs AA125