Marazzi Group Sistem N20 Tortora 600mm x 600mm
(MLR8, Special Order)

SistemN20 by Marazzi is a 20mm thick outdoor tile range available in five netural tones. The thickness and antislip surface make it a high performance product designed for heavy traffic areas, perfect for use as part of a raised tile system to allow access to waterproofing on decks or it may be used as a paver, bedded on sand or gravel. Load tested at up to 840kg/tile.

In the Collection: Concrete OUT 2.0

Concrete was developed specifically due to the demand in the Australasian market for good-looking, easy to use tiles in a basic colour range for commercial and residential use. Concrete 2.0 is an extra-thick outdoor tile suitable for deck jacks. It compliments Concrete 1.0 which is the indoor, standard thickness version.

Sistem N20 Tortora 600mm x 600mm