Mold Mist 600mm x 600mm
(MX66, Special Order)

Mold evokes the concrete manually mixed by skilled carpenters and craftsmen, who use their tools to blend it with rocks and gravel of varying coarseness. The collection stands out for gravel clusters of varying sizes scattered randomly, which remind of fresh concrete casts in formworks or moulds. The range is available in a range of sizes on order; 1200x1200mm, 600x1200mm, 750x1500mm, 750x750mm and 300x600mm, with some colours in the 600x600mm size available in stock. There is also a Soft finish available on order.

Colours (4)


Masterspec 6221JT
Colour Name Mist
Colour Number MX66
Style Interior Floor
Finish/Texture Matt
Shape Square
Size 600mm x 600mm
Thickness 9mm
Weight 22.65kg
Hardness Compliant to international standards regarding strength and deep abrasion resistance
Slip Resistance R10
Water Resistant Yes
Bacteria Resistance Does not encourage growth
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Stain Resistance Class 5 (UNI EN ISO 10545/14)
Thermal Resistance Compliant (UNI EN ISO 10545/9)
UV Stable Yes
VOC None
Underfloor Heating Suitable
Wheelchair Friendly Yes
Warranty 10 Years
Eco-labels Low VOC / ISO 9001 / EPD / Phthalate free

In the Collection: Concrete 1.0

Concrete was developed specifically due to the demand in the Australasian market for good-looking, easy to use tiles in a basic colour range for commercial and residential use. Concrete 1.0 is the indoor, standard thickness version and Concrete 2.0 the extra-thick outdoor tile suitable for deck jacks. Concrete 1.0 is available in matt, lappato (semi-gloss) and antislip grip finishes. (White is not available in grip). The range is a full bodied porcelain tile and suitable for heavy foot trafffic.

Mold Mist 600mm x 600mm