Wellington East Girls College

The new multi-level constructed for Wellington East Girls college is situated behind the original 1920s façade which was retained during construction. As an educational facility, it was imperative to choose products that contributed to a healthy, constructive learning environment while also being able to withstand incredibly high volumes of use. The school sought a ‘good green story’ when it came to the construction of this space therefore Desso and Regupol products were enlisted for their sustainable values as well as the variety of options meaning the needs of the space were met. Desso has a Cradle to Cradle methodology, which promotes a circular ecosystem where recycling takes precedence and Regupol are committed to creating sustainable products across the board making them attractive options for this project. A transformation of the outside façade was enabled due to Terracotta Cladding and the huge range of colour options helped designers transform the buildings exterior into something that looked inviting and fresh.

Products Used:

  • Terracotta Cladding
  • Desso Carpet Tiles
    • Rock
    • Salt 
    • Fuse
    • Tweed
  • Regupol Everroll Rubber Flooring 
  • Tredsafe Stairnosing 
Wellington East Girls College
Wellington East Girls College