Safetred Universal Neutron 0300
(3820300, Special Order)

Safetred Universal is our classic heterogeneous vinyl safety floor solution for any area that presents a risk of slips or falls. The anti-slip grip provides a high level of protection guaranteed for the life of the product, while its reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance.

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Masterspec 6411J
NZ Stock False
External Item Number 3820300
Colour Number 0300
Style Safety
Finish/Texture Antislip
Shape Roll
Length 20LM
Width 2m
Thickness 2.0 mm
Weight 5.2kg
Slip Resistance SRV 40 (AS 4586:2013)
Reaction to Fire - Floor CRF 10.6 kW/m2 (ISO 9239-1)
Surface Treatment Safety Clean XP
Water Resistant Yes
Static Electrical Discharge Less than 2kV (EN 1815)
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.40% (EN 434)
Bacteria Resistance Does not encourage bacterial growth
Chemical Resistance Good
Stain Resistance Good
Thermal Resistance 0.01m2 K/W (EN 12524)
UV Stable Yes
Composition Slip-resistant Heterogeneous Vinyl
Directional pattern False
Sales Unit LM2
LRV 25.20
VOC Less than 10µg/m3 (ISO 16000-9)
Recycled Content 40%
Durability Rating: Industrial 43 (EN 13845)
Durability Rating: Commercial 34 (EN 13845)
Underfloor Heating Suitable up to 27°C (EN 12667)
Wheelchair Friendly Yes
Warranty 10 years
Eco-labels Phthalate free