Acczent Ruby Uno Turquoise 5004
(25145004, Special Order)

Tarkett Ruby 70 is a cost-effective compact heterogeneous vinyl floor with premium qualities developed for all heavy traffic commercial areas such as hospitals and schools. The collection includes designs inspired by nature, realistic wood designs in both soft and dark grain hues, and a range of timeless mineral patterns in an assortment of sophisticated colours. The 0.7mm pure PVC wear layer is reinforced with TopClean PUR surface treatment which brings excellent resistance to indentation and abrasion, scuffing, scratches and stains. Tarkett Ruby requires no wax nor polish throughout its lifetime and significantly reduces the use of water, energy and chemical detergents for a better environmental footprint.

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Masterspec 6411J
NZ Stock False
External Item Number 25145004
Colour Number 5004
Style Smooth
Finish/Texture Smooth
Shape Roll
Length 23LM
Width 2m
Wear Layer (mm) 0.70 mm
Thickness 2.0 mm
Weight 6kg
Slip Resistance SRV 33 (AS 4586:2013)
Reaction to Fire - Floor CRF 8.2 kW/m2
Surface Treatment TopClean PUR
Water Resistant Yes
Static Electrical Discharge Less than 2kV (EN 1815)
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.40% (ISO 23999)
Bacteria Resistance Does not encourage bacterial growth
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Stain Resistance Excellent
Thermal Resistance 0.02m2 K/W (EN ISO 10456)
UV Stable Yes
Composition Heterogeneous Compact Vinyl
Directional pattern False
Sales Unit LM2
LRV 0.00
VOC Less than 100µg/m3 (ISO 16000-9)
Recycled Content 31%
Durability Rating: Industrial 43 (ISO 18074)
Durability Rating: Commercial 34 (ISO 18074)
Underfloor Heating Suitable up to 27°C (EN 12667)
Wheelchair Friendly Yes
Warranty 10 years
Eco-labels Phthalate free