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Our commitment to people and planet

At Jacobsen, we are committed to working with suppliers and local partners to provide our customers with environmentally sound flooring systems. We take responsibility for considering the well-being of our planet when it comes to providing you with the best flooring options available.

Impact Report

December 2021

Taking Our Future Seriously
Tino ātawhaingia āpōpō

Transparency is important to us and the release of our inaugural Jacobsen Impact Report is a significant milestone. We have a core value to 'Create Positive Impact' and in delivering this report it's one further step in doing so and holding ourselves accountable. It's an opportunity for us to pause, reflect, celebrate our progress, and look ahead at further areas of improvement.

Over the past two years, we have been firmly integrating sustainability and impact into the way we do everything. It is a continually evolving journey and this report marks our progress at this point in time which we are proud to share with you.

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Page: Sustainability
Page: Sustainability

Toitū carbonzero certified

In 2019 as part of our mission to ensure the longevity and sustainability of our planet we signed onto the Toitū carbonreduce certification scheme. To further extend our carbon reduction goals, we are thrilled to now be Toitū carbonzero certified!

This certification from Toitū Envirocare is proof that we are taking action against climate change. It means we are committed to continually reducing our emissions, not just offsetting them. Compliance with the programme is independently verified annually to ensure we maintain this certification. 

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Sustainable Products

Using sustainable products is a great way to reduce our footprint, but which ones are best?

We are passionate about sourcing products that meet strict environmental and ethical standards in their production, and where possible that can be reused or recycled into new products at the end of their life. Whether it's samples or technical specification support you require, our dedicated team of Sales Representatives are here to support you in bringing your projects to life. We are available by phone or email, and for consultations virtually or in person.


Helping to Reduce Landfill Waste.

According to the former Associate Environment Minister, Eugenie Sage, "construction and industrial waste makes up about 85% of what is sent to landfill every year" in Auckland. 

Re.Form is our pilot Product Stewardship program that heeds the principles of the waste hierarchy; with a primary emphasis on the re-use of flooring, followed by recycling, and making disposal to landfills as a last resort. The implementation of this program required collaboration from suppliers, Auckland-based contracting customers, and Habitat for Humanity. Flooring installers and end-users cannot divert material from landfill, as there are no recycling schemes that can utilise flooring waste. Re.Form provides an easy solution to this, we facilitate the callback of materials in re-usable condition from flooring contractors who uplift them. 

If materials aren’t suitable for re-use, we will collect them from the construction site and arrange for them to be sent back to the factory to be recycled where it is introduced back into the manufacturing process and raw materials. 

We provide contractors with durable bags to collect all flooring offcuts. Installers simply need to collect the flooring waste from the site and bag it. When the bag is full, we will collect it during our next delivery run. We take care of sorting the material and ensuring it ends up where it needs to be, making things as easy as possible for our customers and ensuring high-value waste use.

Page: Sustainability
Page: Sustainability

Re.Form partnerships

Jacobsen has a partnership with Habitat for Humanity; we donate high-quality re-usable carpet tiles that can be used for projects or can be sold on. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works with families in housing need. We are proud to be actively involved in helping them meet their critical goal of eliminating substandard housing. 

In partnership with Tarkett, we have committed to recycling as much waste vinyl as possible. Tarkett applies a Cradle to Cradle methodology which is a biometric approach to the design of products and systems that models human industry on nature’s processes – viewing materials as nutrients circulating in healthy, safe metabolisms. 

Tarkett use recycled components in making their vinyl and can put pre-installation vinyl waste back into the raw material stream for future production ensuring the highest possible value stream for the material. 

The ultimate measure of success for Re.Form is the diversion of waste from landfill. The planned expansion of our program nationally will see a monthly goal of a 20 ft container full of flooring waste being diverted from landfill. 

At Jacobsen, we aim to use our influence and initiative to inspire others and create further change in the industry. There are existing take-back schemes within New Zealand and the concept of Re.Form drew on parts of this, however, we wanted to ensure that our methodology was customer-centric, thus easily influencing behaviour change. We see this program as a ‘gold’ level of service and are happy to attend toolbox meetings to educate your team on the program. We are also happy to support your business with additional advice on sustainable practices.

Page: Sustainability
Page: Sustainability

Sustainable Business Awards

In 2020, we were finalists in the Sustainable Business Awards, which celebrate success in sustainability. We were in their ‘Outstanding Collaboration Award’ category for our work in initiating and leading the Re.Form program.

Collaborating with suppliers, flooring installers and Habitat for Humanity is how the program runs so effectively. We were recognized for our desire to change behaviour and environmental outcomes regarding flooring waste.

The Sustainable Business Awards are run by the ‘Sustainable Business Network’ who are New Zealand’s largest, longest-standing sustainable business organization. They are a social enterprise who aim to transform leading ideas into action in New Zealand. Being a finalist for a Sustainable Business Award shows that our innovation in instigating change is being recognised by leading organizations.

We were nominated while the Re.Form program was still very much in its infancy, which goes to show that from its birth, this program was recognised as something that had the potential to influence significant change. It also proves the ease of implementation and efficiency of this program, which was recognized as a leading idea that quickly transformed into action.

We strive to implement business practices that are in line with those of the sustainable business network and will continue to do so in order to optimize our positive impact on sustainability.