Welcome II Charcoal
(5T031-31549, NZ Stock)

Engineered with a rough texture that traps up to 80% of soil and moisture brought into a facility. Permanently installed walk-off carpet tiles and broadloom don't shift or buckle, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls at a facility's entrance and beyond. Minimizing the quantity of dirt and moisture entering the building means extended life for interior flooring and reduced maintenance needs.

Color Frame

You have a vision in mind. Now imagine, changing it at will. The combination of sustainable Cradle to Cradle 9x36 and 24x24 tiles means you can go monochromatic subtle. Or make a progressive colour statement. Zag instead of zig. Explore unique shapes. Experiment with diverse colour hues. You've got colour carte blanche. And the ability to let your creativity loose.