Carpets Inter Ebb Ocean Ecosoft
(EB05, NZ Stock)

The ebb & flow of water continues as it flows from the smallest springs and creeks to the flowing rivers and oceans around the world. Going against the current is often the slower and harder path to take. Ebb is a dynamic organic pattern which co-ordinates with the Ebb Wash range.

Ebb Ocean Ecosoft
Ebb Estuary Ecosoft
Ebb River Ecosoft
Ebb Creek Ecosoft
Ebb Spring Ecosoft
Ebb Ocean Ecosoft

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

In the Collection: Flatlands

Named after the vast plains that cover much of the Earth, Flatlands monotone texture is ideal for creating an overall appearance on the floor. Flatlands provides a high performing ‘fit for purpose’ backdrop to functional spaces and can be used independently or as a matching coordinate together with the patterns of Mesa, Over the Ocean and Across the Sea.

Carpets Inter Ebb Ocean Ecosoft