Tarkett Desso Grezzo AB64 9027
(9027, NZ Stock)

Reminiscent of the Earth’s petrous planes and flint-covered cliff faces, DESSO Grezzo comprises of 12 distinctive colourways. These range from cool concrete hues mimicking organic minerals, through to warmer earthy greens and clay-like terracotta browns.

Grezzo AB64 9930
Grezzo AB64 9106
Grezzo AB64 9033
Grezzo AB64 9024
Grezzo AB64 8913
Grezzo AB64 7844
Grezzo AB64 2067
Grezzo AB64 9035
Grezzo AB64 8904
Grezzo AB64 8927
Grezzo AB64 7923
Grezzo AB64 9027
Grezzo AB64 9027

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

In the Collection: Grezzo AB64

DESSO Grezzo celebrates the pure, untouched beauty of the world’s natural rocky landscapes and supports Tarkett’s ongoing commitment to protect the planet’s fragile natural resources. The rugged, irregular weave forms an untamed, rock-ribbed texture, adding depth and natural movement to expansive spaces. Close up views reveal an intricately unique pattern with no two tiles the same, while from afar the tiles form a seamless appearance - perfect for creating a refined finish in a variety of workspaces.

Tarkett Desso Grezzo AB64 9027