Trend: Modern Pastel Interiors

About the Trend

Modern Pastel Interiors

The Modern Pastel Interior design trend encapsulates a fresh, serene aesthetic that breathes new life into furnishings and decor. This trend is marked by a palette of soft, barely there pastels that modernise everything from upholstered furniture to powder-coated steel pieces.

To embrace this trend, consider items with ultra-light washes of colour, from larger furniture pieces like sofas and benches to kitchen furnishings and appliances in subtle pastel hues. The use of transparent materials such as glass and resin adds a contemporary, almost weightless quality to decorative items, further defining the modern pastel aesthetic.


Trend: Modern Pastel Interiors
Trend: Modern Pastel Interiors

Pastel colour considerations

For the Modern Pastel Interior design trend, colour considerations play a crucial role in creating a space that feels contemporary, serene, and inviting.

Soft Pastels and Barely There Tints

Embrace a palette of soft pastels and barely there tints to infuse a sense of calm and modernity into your interiors. These hues modernise a wide range of furnishings, lending a light, airy feel to the space.

Transparency and Lightness

Experiment with transparent materials like glass and resin in pastel hues to add a semi-weightless feel to decorative objects. This approach not only modernises the space but also plays with light and texture to create a dynamic interior environment.

Layering for Depth

Layer different shades of pastel pinks and blues with textures and materials to add depth and interest. Combining these pastels with materials like light wooden flooring, linen, and brushed metals can add sophistication, making it more dynamic and visually engaging.

Pastel Pinks: Warmth and Softness

Incorporate pastel pinks to introduce a sense of warmth and softness into your interiors. This hue, reminiscent of blooming flowers and soft sunsets, adds a nurturing and comforting element to rooms, making spaces feel more personal and inviting. Use pastel pink in textiles, wall colours, and decor items to create focal points or a gentle backdrop for daily life.

Pastel Blues: Serenity and Calm

Pastel blues bring the calmness of the sky and the sea into indoor spaces, promoting a feeling of serenity and openness. Integrating pastel blue through wall paint or accent pieces can cool down a space and provide a refreshing contrast to warmer tones.

Balancing with Neutrals

To ensure the space remains airy and not overwhelmed by colour, balance pastel pinks and blues with plenty of neutrals. Whites, light greys, and soft beiges complement pastels beautifully, providing a canvas that allows these colours to shine without dominating the space.

Cohesive Colour Palette

Ensure a cohesive look by carefully selecting pastel shades that complement each other and the overall design theme. Soft tints should be balanced across the room, with careful consideration given to how they interact with natural and artificial light.

Pastel Styling Considerations

For the Modern Pastel Interior design trend, styling considerations are key to achieving a harmonious and contemporary space that feels both inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Uplifting Furnishings and Decor

Use pastel colours to uplift modern furniture collections and decor. Incorporate these shades in upholstered designs, tabletop items, and decorative objects to enhance their appeal and add a touch of modern sophistication.

Functional Aesthetics

Choose furniture and decor that combine form and function, such as sleek, upholstered pieces with clean lines and practical, yet stylish powder-coated steel constructions, and light neutral flooring. The aim is to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also fully usable, reflecting a modern lifestyle.

Accentuating with Pastels

Use pastels not just as background colours but also as accents to highlight key features or pieces within a room. This can include art, cushions, or decorative items, which can serve as focal points against a more neutral backdrop.

Trend: Modern Pastel Interiors

Transform your space with the serene and sophisticated Modern Pastel trend

By embracing soft, barely there tints, you can create spaces that feel modern, inviting, and serene. The key lies in layering textures, carefully considered colour pallets, and incorporating translucent materials to play with light and space. Accentuating spaces with pastel highlights further personalises the design, making it uniquely yours.