Specification Writing Support

Specification Writing Support


Masterspec is New Zealand's leading provider of Digital Construction Information for the design and construction industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to assist Architects and Designers with your projects.

Specification Writing Support
Specification Writing Support

Specification Workspace

The Masterspec Specification Workspace offers Architects and Designers a streamlined and efficient platform for creating and managing specification documents.

The platform promotes collaboration with your suppliers, providing you with access to accurate product data. It also allows for easy document control and the creation of reusable templates.

Specifiers can work on different parts of a specification simultaneously with their colleagues and suppliers, making the entire process more organised and collaborative.

Specification Writing Support

Specification Writing Support

Improve the efficiency and quality of your specification.

Masterspec allows you to create professional specification documents online. It provides expertly written and pre-formatted clauses, making the specification process more efficient.

We can support the writing of your specification.

Just request our assistance when developing your spec online. We'll ensure you've specified the product correctly and that your spec is accurate by giving you project specific information from our specialists.

Methodology Statements

We offer support to architects and designers in developing your methodology statements. Our team of experts collaborate closely with you to craft methodology statements that not only meet industry standards but also reflect the unique intricacies of each project.

We empower architects and designers to execute your projects with confidence and precision, fostering a seamless integration of design excellence and risk mitigation.

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Specification Writing Support