A Solution for Every Space: Jacobsen High Hygiene Solutions

Areas at high risk of infection within hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring solutions that are designed with patients and care staff in mind, taking into account the heavy use, safety, comfort, and infection control requirements of care facilities. Jacobsen has solutions for all areas which includes non-slip bathroom floors, stain-resistant impervious carpets, scratch-resistant antimicrobial vinyl flooring, and noise-reducing acoustic flooring.

The Tarkett iQ floor vinyl provides a low maintenance option for high hygiene areas offering a collection of five ranges with a variety of colours and patterns to fit any design specification. The high PVC content of the vinyl allows the flooring to be coved up the wall and heat welded to a 2mm wall vinyl, ensuring a completely sealed environment that will control the spread or growth of bacteria without compromising the design aesthetic

High-risk medical spaces must combine flooring solutions with vinyl coverings to uphold the same hygiene standard. Wallgard and ProtectWALL are two options from Tarkett that are available through Jacobsen that provide superior resistance to ensure infection control and air cleanliness.

Tarkett Wallgard is suitable for areas that need special wall production such as wet rooms, clean rooms, and light industrial environments. A PU-shield treatment provides high resistance against stains and chemicals, and its smooth, impervious surface delivers optimal hygiene and water-tightness. Wallgard is available in a range of soft pastel tones, including two additional colours for people with visual disabilities.

Designed for high demanding environments such as corridors and patient rooms, Tarkett ProtectWALL is a high-performance vinyl wall covering that protects walls against impacts, shocks, scratches, stains, and chemicals. Flexible and easy to install, it helps to lower repair and maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls. It is 100% phthalate-free and available in a variety of colours helping to create a home-like atmosphere in energetic places.