A Stylish Solution for IIC Requirements

The high decibel reduction is achieved by the two layers of the Community LVT plank. Firstly, they are manufactured using Coretec XRC, a patented layered construction that aids dimensional stability, waterproofness, and scratch resistance. Secondly, they have an integrated sustainable cork underlayment that provides increased sound dampening from foot traffic and floor to floor sound transfer.

Using a product with an integrated acoustic underlayment, like Community LVT, means that you can be assured you can use the independent testing results in your ICC acoustic calculations without relying on independent product components.

IIC Test Results:

Independent test results for Community LVT are as follows:

Concrete slab 152mm / 6 inch = 22dB ΔIIC
Concrete slab 203mm / 8 inch = 21dB ΔIIC

Quick installation of Community is an added bonus as it can be installed when the product arrives on site as no acclimatisation time is required. Installers can use the floating method or glue down using a Jacobsen approved hybrid adhesive that is designed to be both moisture resistant and not subject to temperature fluctuations.

Another good reason to choose Community LVT planks is that it is an E3 Alternative Solution independently tested in New Zealand by SGS Industrial Certification Services. A 48-hour water spill test showed that there were no noticeable changes to the Jacobsen Shaw Contract Community LVT Flooring and that there was no water penetration through to the flooring substrate when installed as per installation guidelines.

You can also specify Community LVT planks with comfort as with over 33 million square metres of Shaw Contract Coretec XRC LVT planks installed internationally, it has a proven history both commercially and residentially. With a natural colour palette to suit any interior needs it can be installed alongside complementary Community carpet tile or broadloom carpet to complete your overall look with function and style.

Recommended applications:

  • Multi-residential
  • Workplace
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Aged care