Trend: Earthy Naturals

About the Trend: Earthy Naturals

The natural look has taken the interior design world by storm. Nature effortlessly allows us to relax, unwind, and promote optimal health and well-being.

Warm neutrals create an inviting trans-seasonal setting, giving refinement and distinction to hard goods, textiles, and décor. This trend incorporates raw beauty and features imperfections that honour a product or the material's construction.

Colour & Styling Considerations

Earthy Hues

Create the perfect balance between natural inspiration and a peaceful and calming interior by carefully selecting a colour palette made up of earthy hues. This will help to effortlessly evoke images of the outdoors, making people within the space feel one with nature.

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly materials are arguably the best choice you could make when designing interiors. Apart from being more sustainable and leaving a lower carbon footprint, organic materials are a simple solution for making interiors appear more natural.

Minimalist Approach

Embrace a minimalist approach when it comes to decorating your space. Organic modern design is all about simplicity and clean lines, creating a space that feels fresh and airy.

Trend: Earthy Naturals
Trend: Earthy Naturals
Trend: Earthy Naturals