Trend: Oceanic Blues

About the Trend: Oceanic Hues

With so much uncertainty and a loss of control, there is a continued need to restore balance and a sense of calm in our lives. The allure of the ocean and its untapped potential draws us in and allows its calming effect to wash over us.

Elegant and refined, timeless maritime blues recall the depths of the ocean, creating a serene feeling in interior spaces whilst bringing a fresh nautical update to the outdoor décor.

Colour & Styling Considerations

Coastal Tones

The colour palette is beautifully tonal and restful; recreating the feeling of being on holiday. Shades of blue are the classic go-to colours, or keep it neutral with colours inspired by sandy beaches. Using neutrals will also make the nautical and blue hues pop for a modern, crisp look.

Natural Fibres

Drawing inspiration from the sand, sea, and sky, coastal interior design helps you bring the tranquillity of the beach into your space. Organic materials bring a natural warmth and texture to coastal interiors. A layered and vast texture palette easily converts a space into a rustic, coastal retreat.

Sleek Tiles

The safest way to convert a space to a modern coastal style and to bring about a drastic change in look is to use tiles that are a little glossy and have a cool colour or nautical scheme all over.

Trend: Oceanic Blues
Trend: Oceanic Blues
Trend: Oceanic Blues