Hypatia Apartments, Auckland

Embodying Auckland's transformational spirit, Hypatia combines modern urban living with a strong connection to Maori and the environment. Taking inspiration from Maori tribes that previously occupied the land, Ockham worked with a Maori Art designer, Reuben Kirkwood, to develop the design that is incorporated into the façade. 

Basic carving cuts; haehae (parallel grooves and ridges), niho taniwha (rows of chevrons) and unaunabi (elliptical cuts) were used in combination. The base of the building utilised haehae and niho taniwha to symbolise the growth of a Ponga tree.

The interior finishes were chosen to create continuity. Bringing the design from the outside to the inside. The angles of the Shaw Alchemy carpet tiles in the hallway were reminiscent of the angles used in the Maori carving panels while the Shaw Residential carpet in the apartments created the modern feel and luxury finish suitable for a project of this calibre. Shaw Milford Sound in colours Arctic Frost and Midnight were selected to represent the surrounding environments of urban living and parklands.

Products used: Shaw Noble Materials Alchemy carpet tiles, Shaw residential carpet Milford Sound in Arctic Frost and Midnight, Jacobsen bespoke colour wood flooring.

Architect/Designer: Ockham Residential