Silent Shield Acoustic Underlay Silent Shield
(NZ Stock)

Silent Shield is a high density, 2mm thick, underlay suitable for floating wood, bamboo and laminate floors. It provides good impact sound insulation, reduces vapour transmission and absorbs moderate unevenness in the subfloor.

Styles (1)


Colour Name Grey
Style Acoustic
Shape Roll
Length 30m
Width 1m
Thickness 2mm
Weight 0.34gm
Acoustic Performance 18db
Underfloor Heating Suitable

In the Collection: Acoustic Sonus Multi (4515)

Tough, durable acoustic underlay designed to reduce impact sound from footfalls and suitable for installation under Wood, Laminate and Tiles (4.5mm thickness), and suitable for installation under Vinyl sheet (3mm thickness). Made of PUR-bound cork particles and PUR foam. Can be glued down or floated over subfloor, with a high load bearing capacity and resistant to aging and deformation.

Silent Shield Acoustic Underlay Silent Shield