Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Enhance Accessibility and Safety with Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

TGSI are truncated cones on the ground or floor surface designed to alert people who are blind or have low vision, to pending obstacles or hazards on the continuous accessible path that could not reasonably be expected or anticipated using other tactile and environmental cues. They are also a useful clue to sighted pedestrians.

The tactiles comply with the building code clause D1 Access Routes which ensure the safety of entry/exit to the building and the safety of any internal or external stairs. It ensures people can move safely into, within and out of buildings. Access routes include the approach to the main entrance of a building, corridors, doors, stairs, ramps, and lifts. D1 sets out requirements for: slip resistance, stair treads, handrails; people with disabilities to carry out normal functions within buildings; and the movement, loading and parking of vehicles.

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Enhance Accessibility and Safety with Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

The truncated cone design provides a unique tactile and environmental cue to alert individuals of potential hazards or obstacles on the continuous accessible path.