Tarkett Desso Recharge AC41-6022
(6022, Special Order)

The Recharge design evokes the upcycled chalk used in the manufacture of the EcoBase backing, and shares the same beautiful colour palette with the DESSO Retrace, making it a perfect match.

Recharge AC41-9990
Recharge AC41-9082
Recharge AC41-8914
Recharge AC41-8911
Recharge AC41-7952
Recharge AC41-7945
Recharge AC41-7933
Recharge AC41-6218
Recharge AC41-6022
Recharge AC41-2086
Recharge AC41-2075
Recharge AC41-2024
Recharge AC41-1510
Recharge AC41-9503
Recharge AC41-9044
Recharge AC41-9524
Recharge AC41-9504
Recharge AC41-9526
Recharge AC41-9098
Recharge AC41-9096
Recharge AC41-6022

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

Tarkett Desso Recharge AC41-6022