Shaw Contract Select Strataworx

Introducing Select, a collection that combines design, segment expertise and high-performing, budget-driven choices. Curated from classic styles like Poured, Diffuse and Surround, StrataWorx®


Shaw Select StrataWorx® is part of our NZ stock collection which provides quality, high performing carpet tiles for projects which are budget driven. These Shaw StrataWorx® tiles come from three ranges; Diffuse, Poured and Surround.
Diffuse is a graphic tile in a freeform style, punctuated with shots of bright colour against a background of subtle tones.
Inspired by the look of poured concrete, Poured, has a subtle, organic pattern and colour palette yet creates a bold design statement.
Surround is a non directional pattern in a selection of neutral colours.

NZ Stock:

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Innovation in Every Layer

StrataWorx carpet tiles, the ultimate solution for modern flooring. Our innovative manufacturing practices combine modern materials to create a lightweight and strong backing. This allows for easy handling, storage, and installation, with up to 20 tiles per box. Experience the benefits of StrataWorx® today and revolutionize your flooring options.