Tarkett Desso Serene & Serene Colour

DESSO Serene & Serene Colour offers complete design flexibility, with 8 accent tones that can be used to complement the organic nature of DESSO Serene. The ombre-like transition matches one side perfectly with a neutral design from the DESSO Serene collection, allowing for color to be built as desired and ensuring a connecting fluidity between individual interior spaces.

Serene/Serene Colour

Made from 100% regenerated ECONYL® solution dyed yarn the recyclable DESSO® Serene collection offers a soft and comforting antidote to the fast-paced world around us. It appeals to the senses, with each of its unique components embodying tactility, and most importantly, offering adaptability. With soft, understated yet welcoming colours in organic patterns, this collection brings tranquillity and sustainability to any workplace, evoking pure serenity.
Available in a rich palette of 9 neutral tones, DESSO Serene scales from cool, calming shades to warm and friendly hues. Serene is designed to be perfectly matched with Serene Colour, including 8 accent tones that designers can use to build colour as desired, while ensuring a connecting fluidity between individual interior spaces.

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100% Recyclable Accent Tones for Design Flexibility

Tarkett Desso Serene & Serene Colour

Opt for a more understated scheme, made up of pared back shades, or choose to inject vibrancy through a seamless evolution from Serene to Serene Colour.