Refin Block Nickel 600mm x 600mm
(MX52, NZ Stock)

Block draws inspiration from concrete in the form closest to the natural elements it is made of: rock, clay and limestone. Gravel and rocks of varying coarseness emerge to the surface, as if immersed in concrete in a semi-liquid state. Block is also available to order in additional sizes; 1200x1200mm, 600x1200mm, 750x1500mm, 750x750mm and 300x600mm formats. All tiles can be ordered in the standard matt finish or a soft finish.

Block Nickel 600mm x 600mm
Block Mist 600mm x 600mm
Block Iron 600mm x 600mm
Block Cinder 600mm x 600mm
Block Nickel 600mm x 600mm

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

Refin Block Nickel 600mm x 600mm