Refin Pedra Azul Ivory 600mm x 600mm
(NV51, Special Order)

Pedra Azul draws inspiration from a limestone sourced from the Iberian Peninsula and is characterised by a slightly wavy texture and the presence of deliate fossils. This versatile range is available in four colours; Ivory, Grey, Greige and Natural and in various sizes from 1200x1200mm to 300x600mm, with a matt and a gloss finish available. In addition there is a structured or textured finish available in 600x1200mm, 600x600mm and 300x600mm, and complimentary mosaics all available on order.

In the Collection: Poesia

One of our most popular ranges, Poesia is a beautiful range of limestone patterned porcelain tiles. Naturally toned colours, each with micro-fossils, Poesia has a smooth matt finish and a matching outdoor tile with 'anticata' finish available also. The range is stocked in most colours in 600x600mm size however some colours are available on order in 750x1500mm, 750x750mm and 300x600mm.

Refin Pedra Azul Ivory 600mm x 600mm