Concrete + Composed

Shaw Concrete + Composed is a 5.5mm loose lay luxury vinyl tile with a cork backing that provides excellent sound reduction. This range can be installed glue-down or floating and means a fast installation with limited floor preparation is possible. There is a range of concrete look tiles and timber planks in the Concrete + Composed collection.


Shaw Concrete is a luxury vinyl tile range in four concrete designs and a rectangle format size 470 x 610mm.
The innovative COREtec technology delivers performance that is waterproof and faster to install using a 'click together' system and can be installed either floating or glued down. The attached cork backing reduces sound transmission which makes it an ideal product for multi level installations.
It can be easily combined with the complimentary timber plank range, Composed.

Special Order:

Can be installed in residential kitchens and bathrooms and anywhere in the home.
The clear 0.51mm wear layer comes with an added ExoGuard finish that provides extra protection against scratching, staining and abrasion.
Installation can be floating or glue down, with immediate use after installation.
There is a mini micro bevelled edge to the timber planks and tiles.
Excellent sound reduction due to the cork backing.

The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Durability

Concrete look tiles that provide the perfect blend of luxury and durability.