Detail Trims Construction Joints DT026
(DT026, NZ Stock)

Special trims which sit above construction joints and still allow the flexibility of movement required in the joint.

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Masterspec 6614JT
Colour Name Grey
Colour Number NS
Finish/Texture Natural Satin
Length 2.5m
Width 91mm
Weight 0.85kg/10cm2
Sales Unit EA
Water Resistant Yes
UV Stable Yes
Wheelchair Friendly Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Trim DT026
Tredsafe Insert Size 50mm
Tredsafe Interior Use Only False

Detail Trims Multi-Purpose Joint System

These detail trims have a robust rotating design which allows self adjustment to the variation in height between two flooring types. This provides safe and easy transition from one flooring to the next.

Detail Trims Construction Joints DT026