Aspecta Elemental XL Onega 2.5mm
(NZ Stock)

The Herringbone design dates back to ancient times and originally acquired its name as it resembles the skeleton of a fish. With its distinctive ‘broken zigzag’ format, this historical pattern exudes a sense a luxury. In stock in colour Bolsena.

Elemental XL Bolsena Herringbone 2.5mm
Elemental XL Bolsena Chevron 2.5mm
Elemental XL Onega 2.5mm
Elemental XL Albano 2.5mm
Elemental XL Constance 2.5mm
Elemental XL Como 2.5mm
Elemental XL Prespa 2.5mm
Elemental XL Bolsena 2.5mm
Elemental XL Lugano 2.5mm
Elemental XL Brienz 2.5mm
Elemental XL Maggiore 2.5mm
Elemental XL Lomond 2.5mm
Elemental XL Onega 2.5mm

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

In the Collection: Elemental XL

The Aspecta Elemental XL plank has an innovative, hard wearing Duraspect™ finish which combines the feeling of wood with the advantages of luxury vinyl. The ‘In-Register’ embossing provides a unique and realistic design with minimal pattern repetition. Planks are available in both 2.5mm and 5.0mm thickness. The Herringbone or Chevron patterns are stocked in the colour Bolsena and are available in 2.5mm only. The dramatic Elemental Chevron design offers a bold, modern twist on the classical Herringbone look. With diagonal ends, the Chevron planks create a striking V-shape design while the traditional Herringbone adds a sense of luxury.

Aspecta Elemental XL Onega 2.5mm