Tarkett Protectwall

Designed for corridors and patient rooms in highly demanding environments, ProtectWALL 1.5 is a high-performance vinyl wall covering that protects walls against impacts, shocks, scratches, stains and chemicals. Flexible and easy-to-install (10 times fewer joint vs still plates), it helps to lower repair and maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls. It is treated with our Top Clean XP surface protection for easy cleaning.

ProtectWALL 1.5 is colour-coordinated with our Tapiflex, Acczent, iQ Granit, and iQ Optima ranges, creating home-like atmosphere to energetic places. Last but not least, it is phthalate free.

Protectwall 1.5mm CR

Designed for clean rooms and laboratories, ProtectWALL CR is a 1.5mm thick, high-performance, heterogeneous vinyl wall covering which protects walls against impacts, scratches and stains. Easy-to-install, it is designed to ensure hygiene and reduce the level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors, and 100% phthalate free. Treated with Top Clean XP surface protection for easy cleaning and extra hygiene.

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