Tarkett Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni-Light Beige
(2063, Special Order)

Designed for clean rooms and laboratories, ProtectWALL CR is a 1.5mm thick, high-performance, heterogeneous vinyl wall covering which protects walls against impacts, scratches and stains. Easy-to-install, it is designed to ensure hygiene and reduce the level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors, and 100% phthalate free. Treated with Top Clean XP surface protection for easy cleaning and extra hygiene.

Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni-Light Beige
Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni- Light Grey
Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni-Super White
Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni-Light Beige

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

In the Collection: Protectwall 1.5mm

Designed for corridors and patient rooms in highly demanding environments, ProtectWALL 1.5 is a high-performance heterogeneous vinyl wall covering that protects walls against impacts, shocks, scratches, stains and chemicals. Flexible and easy-to-install, it helps to lower repair and maintenance costs by reducing damage to walls. It is treated with TopClean XP surface protection for easy cleaning and 100% phthalate free. ProtectWALL 1.5 is colour-coordinated with our Tapiflex, Acczent, iQ Granit, and iQ Optima ranges.

Tarkett Protectwall 1.5mm CR Uni-Light Beige