Regupol Classic Goa (Core) 4mm
(3033, Special Order)

Everroll Classic rubber flooring is the ultimate in environmental flooring, utilising recycled car tyres with fine colour chips of post consumer EPDM rubber. Extremely durable and long lasting as well as naturally slip resistant and quiet underfoot. Ideally suited for heavy to very heavy duty commercial areas.

Classic Sidon (Core) 4mm
Classic Goa (Core) 4mm
Classic Manaus (Core) 4mm
Classic Palau (Core) 4mm
Classic Amsterdam (Core) 4mm
Classic Berlin (Core) 4mm
Classic Goa (Core) 8mm
Classic Melbourne (Core) 8mm
Classic Amsterdam (Core) 8mm
Classic Manaus (Core) 8mm
Classic Palau (Core) 8mm
Classic Berlin (Core) 8mm
Classic Mons (Core) 8mm
Classic Berlin (Core) 8mm Tile
Classic Mons (Core) 4mm
Classic Melbourne (Core) 4mm
Classic Auckland (Core) 4mm
Classic Perth (Tone) 8mm
Classic Lhasa (Tone) 8mm
Classic Perth (Tone) 4mm
Classic Lhasa (Tone) 4mm
Classic Sydney (Tone) 8mm
Classic Nome (Tone) 8mm
Classic Kush (Tone) 8mm
Classic Bern (Tone Berlin) 8mm
Classic Auckland (Tone) 8mm
Classic Sydney (Tone) 4mm
Classic Nome (Tone) 4mm
Classic Kush (Tone) 4mm
Classic Bern 4mm (Tone)
Classic Goa (Core) 4mm

The images provided are indicative only. Please refer to physical samples for final colour selection.

Regupol Classic Goa (Core) 4mm