Inspiration for Education

Our products are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing the foundation for all types of educational spaces. Our expertise in education and design thinking means we understand the importance of creating engaging and stimulating environments that support the needs of all learners. We are committed to providing the highest standard of flooring solutions that enable students to thrive and reach their full potential.

From classrooms and libraries to gymnasiums and science labs, we understand the need for both durability and safety.

Flooring that’s fit for purpose.

At Jacobsen, we recognise that modern education requires innovative design solutions. Our expertise in educational design means we understand the challenges facing educators and can assist in creating spaces that promote engagement and creativity. From flexible learning spaces to technology-enabled classrooms, we can help design environments that enhance the learning experience for all students. We are committed to providing solutions that support the growth and development of learners, preparing them for success in an ever-changing world.


Carpets Inter Breaking Waves Over the Ocean

The Breaking Waves Collection features two styles that offer the same high performance and great value in sophisticated ocean-inspired designs. Over the Ocean was inspired by the movement of currents and reflected light on the surface of the water as seen from the air. Across the Sea draws its inspiration from the patterns that waves create as they meet the shore. These two organic designs can be used independently or as coordinates to enhance the interior environment.

Carpets Inter Breaking Waves Over the Ocean Collection

Our commitment to people and planet

At Jacobsen, we are committed to working with suppliers and local partners to provide our customers with environmentally sound flooring systems. We take responsibility for considering the well-being of our planet when it comes to providing you with the best flooring options available.

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