Inspiration for Sport & Fitness

Sports and fitness facilities are more than just places to work out. They're places where people come together to push their limits, connect with like-minded individuals, and achieve their goals. That's why we focus on creating spaces that inspire, energize, and foster a sense of community.

Flooring products that cater to the needs of sports and fitness facilities. From gym floors and free-weight areas to locker rooms and dance floors.

Flooring that’s fit for purpose.

Our expertise in fitness facility design means we understand the importance of creating spaces that are welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Whether that's for the seasoned athlete or beginner, our flooring solutions provide a foundation for safe and effective workouts.


Regupol Everroll

This remarkable flooring solution has been our number one preference of fitness facilities around the world for some very good reasons.

Everroll® is able to sustain high impact and endure heavy-duty use. Offering a broad spectrum of colours to coordinate with your corporate colour palette or design theme.

Everroll® comes in a range of thicknesses matched to suit low impact and high impact activities. Ask us for a colour sample to help select the optimum solution for your environment.

Regupol Everroll Collection

Our commitment to people and planet

At Jacobsen, we are committed to working with suppliers and local partners to provide our customers with environmentally sound flooring systems. We take responsibility for considering the well-being of our planet when it comes to providing you with the best flooring options available.

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