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Helping to Reduce Landfill Waste: Re.Form

Construction and industrial waste is a significant challenge across New Zealand. In an effort to divert material from landfill and as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment and socially responsible flooring, Jacobsen launched Re.Form, a Product Stewardship programme that utilises the principles of the waste hierarchy, putting emphasis on the re-use of flooring before considering recycling, and with disposal or landfill as a last resort.


From Waste to Resource

Sustainable Flooring Waste Management

Given that there are no New Zealand-based recycling schemes that can utilize flooring waste, our Re.Form program provides an easy solution as we facilitate the return of materials in re-useable condition from the flooring contractors who uplift them. If materials aren’t suitable for re-use, we will collect them from the construction site and arrange for them to be sent back to the supplier to be recycled back into the manufacturing process.

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